Monday, August 24, 2009

I tried everything....

Not so long ago I couldn't find enough recipients for the goodness my garden was producing. Every day I had a bounty of at least three tomatoes and more cucumbers than a village of widows could use. Peppers and herbs filled my market basket and I gave the basil curious haircuts once a week. My neighbors, my mom's neighbors, and even the crew at Starbucks were all reaping the rewards of my garden. It seemed so idyllic, harvesting and consuming the fruits of my labor. I was one with the Earth. In line with the moon. Down with natural pesticides. I was a garden goddess.

Then one day there were only two tomatoes. And two cucumbers. The basil wasn't growing a mullet and the peppers were on stand-by. As the days went by, my basket got lighter and lighter. I didn't know what I had done wrong. Was I over/under watering? Adding too much Miracle Grow? Not singing loudly enough? I was perplexed about my lack of new veggies. Not knowing what to do, I knew where I could find the answers. I was off to the garden center.

I consulted the directions on bags of amendments. I checked charts and labels and guides on additives. I didn't find anything helpful. The kids working for beer money didn't even know the plants in the nursery needed watering; they weren't going to offer me any new insight. Noticing a very comfy wicker chair, I slumped down and folded my arms in a huff. 

As my furrowed brow raised, I noticed her across the aisle. I instantly new she could save the garden. She'd done it  for countless people before (although not quite in an organic capacity). Selflessly standing by to offer comfort and hope. So I took her home. And named her Mary.

She's been standing guard for two days now, and I have to admit things are looking a bit better. The bell peppers broke out in a beautiful bloom to welcome her to the neighborhood! I even offered her a tropical shell necklace to make her more comfortable in her new home.

Only time will tell if she's up to the task, but I have a feeling the veggies will taste a little sweeter, and the garden will be a better place.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A couple of days away....

I took a week away from work and didn't go anywhere. Well, almost. I had planned to play all week; catch up on movies (check), get a pedicure (check), go to lunch with good friends (check), sleep in (check). Then I got bored. 
My mom suggested going to Lake Tahoe for a couple of days and I jumped at the chance. The air was cool, the people were friendly and the water was perfect. I planted my beach chair on the edge of the shore, grabbed my book, and let my worries go sailing away with the paddleboarders....

But the last year has not been kind to my favorite get-away. The economy has dried up tourist dollars and the casinos have all but closed down. The all-you-can-eat buffets are gone, boat and bike rental agencies have gone belly-up, and parking was plenty at the beach. The lake itself seemed a bit depressed, too. The water level is the lowest it's been in over 30 years. You can walk out 400 yards and not get your tummy wet!

So now is the chance for us semi-locals (would that be regionals?) to scoop up the good deals and head up the hill for some economic stimulus. You'll have the place to yourself and low or not, that is the most beautiful lake you'll ever see. Eat out, play in the casinos and rent some bikes for a cruise around town. You'll feel like a new person. Even if only for a couple of days.